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THE CHOPPER CHAP: http://www.thechopperchap.co.uk
Where to buy Stickers and other Spares. Picture gallery. A very yellow site.

CHOPPERATION-GO: http://www.chopperationgo.co.uk
Main thing about this site is the pictures of people on their Choppers. We all think we look cool but everybody else looks like a twerp on a kid's bike! Lots of fun! Wot's wrong with looking like a twerp?

MAC CHOPPER: http://www.kelman99.freeserve.co.uk
Yes, you've guessed- it's a Scottish site. Even has a map of Scotland and pictures of Aberdeen. Restoration stories and very useful Hints and Tips with photos. ( Hint! Click on the photos to enlarge)

YODA'S WORKSHOP: http://www.yodathewise.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/yodaworkshpmain2.htm
Too much to list on this site - it has everything including a very useful Workshop Section (It would have with a title like that) You need to be a Star Wars fan to understand some of the navigation but there's lots of good stuff when you get there. "The force be with you"

RALEIGH CHOPPER MARKETPLACE: http://members.tripod.com/~RaleighChop/guestbook2.htm
This is the place to buy and sell Choppers and anything related to them. Find out where the next meetings will take place. The entries can sometimes be a bit 'robust' but the site administrator keeps a firm hand on it.

PAULS RALEIGH CHOPPER FORUM: http://www.bovc.co.uk/pcb/
This has a fairly standard 'Bulletin Board' format. There is lots of useful information and some not-so-useful but very funny stuff. Read the postings then join and post your own messages. Visit at least once per week.

BUICK RIVIERA: http://www.buickriviera.co.uk
Dedicated to the Buick Riviera and Choppers. Good pictures of a range of Choppers.

CHOPPERS EXTREME: http://www.raleigh-chopper.co.uk
Claims to have the most comprehensive collection of Choppers, Chippers, Tomahawk, Budgie and Chipper models in the World. Very 'spotty' site.

WARRENS CHOPPER FAMILY: http://www.bixby.co.uk/chopperfamily.htm
A personal collection of Raleigh bikes (not all Choppers) owned by Warren and his family. Plenty of photos and trivia.

STUFF WE LOVE: http://www.stuffwelove.co.uk
A nostalgia site with lots of 70s things such as Space Hoppers etc. Click on the 'bikes' link for some very nice Chopper pics.

HEAVEN ON EARTH: http://www.heavenonearthliverpool.co.uk/chopper.htm
Choppers and other 70s stuff. On line shop for stickers, t-shirts etc. Main site sells all sorts of odd things like 'Flashing Belly Lights', assorted 'smokers' requisits. Completely mad! Don't miss it.

JOHN'S RALEIGH CHOPPER SITE : http://www.raleigh-chopper.org.uk
Choppers and other similar kids' bikes. Pictures, stuff for sale including spares and sometimes completed Chopper restorations. 100mph scrolling titles!

RALEIGH CHOPPER NET: http://raleigh-chopper.net
Picture Gallery including some at Chopper 'events'. Online shop and list of suppliers. Chat page and yet another message board.

THE CHOPPER SURGERY: http://mysite.freeserve.com/thechoppersurgery
Offers a full restoration service. Restored Choppers for sale.

DREAM TARGETS http://www.dreamtargets.com/raleigh_chopper.htm A site mainly about 'design' but this page is a quick review of the Chopper from a personal viewpoint. Don't miss the Raleigh ads.

Lots of good info on this site. An excellent collection of Chopper posters. A bityellowish

Photos and descriptions are mainly of US Choppers which often had a different specification to UK ones

RALEIGH CHOPPER PRIMER: http://www.geocities.com/jgbarnard.
Pictures and descriptions of Choppers by year. Chopper cheesecake. Oddities and Curios including Choppers and look-alikes from Australia, South Africa, China etc.

CHOPPER CITY USA: http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Garage/1284/
How to identify your Chopper. Links to places for buying stickers, saddles etc. Some of the suppliers are UK.

KRATEBOY STINGRAY UNIVERSE: http://krateboy.graphiko.com/
Vintage Chopper ads and other stuff.

THE NEW ENGLAND MUSCLE BICYCLE MUSEUM: http://www.geocities.com/nemusclebikes/
This is an awesome site (and sight). As well as lots of other 'muscle bikes' there are Choppers of all ages and specifications as far as the eye can see. Visit NOW - Buy a plane ticket and visit in person.

RYDLO CYCLES http://www.RydloCycles.com : Manufacturers of lowrider bikes. Page and photos of History of Choppers is a good addition to the one on our site. "Be a Rebel".

Sites of interest but not strictly about Choppers

HADLAND BOOKS: http://www.hadland.net
There are lots of articles on Cycling History on Hadland Books web site. Including some very useful technical stuff about Sturmey Archer Gears.

STURMEY ARCHER : http://www.sturmey-archer.com/
The official SA web site. Contains a short history and some good links to technical stuff.

NOTTINGHAM GALLERY http://www.nottinghamgallery.co.uk/index.html Contains a collection of photographs of the Raleigh factory through the ages.

THE CHOPPERDROME http://www.thechopperdome.nl Not really about Raleigh Choppers but a darkly weird looking site from Amsterdam (Mostly in English). Cruisers, Low Riders and Phats.