Raleigh Chopper
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Raleigh Caprice;
Chain wheel, MK1 or MK2 pedals, lots of Sturmey Archer fittings and of course the hub, two domes or cups for the front forks, axle locating nut and lockring, headset, lamp holder, headbadge.

Raleigh Twenty;
Chain wheel , MK1 or MK2 pedals, sometimes R nuts, the hub, axle locating nut and lock ring, lampholder, headset and headbadge

Raleigh Wolfcub
R nuts for seat and front forks

Raleigh Sunray
Small childs bike that has R nuts for chopper seat clamp and front forks.

Raleigh Royale (a 10 speed racer)
10 speed hub: chainwheel /pedal arm (classic Raleigh chopper 10 speed style; Headbadge:Axle cup/adjuster nut: Headset: Front wheel nuts: Huret gear mechanism
Carlton Racer
Headset: Axle cup/adjuster nut: 5 Speed speedrweb chainwheel: Huret gear mechanism: R nut type nuts with a "C" in instead of an "R"
Raleigh Honey
MK2 pedals: MK2 Brake levers: Sturmey Archer hub: Raleigh handle bar stem: Headbadge: Headset: Lampholder: Front fork dimples: front hub: Chainguard (believe  it can adapted to fit a chipper): gear cable "stay": The LEFT only pedal arm
Raleigh "Denim" (like a shopper)
MK2 stand and housing : Headbadge : Part Headset: Axle nut/adjuster; !Back brake calipers: Lampholder: 28 spoke front hub
Elswick "Whirlwind"
5 Speed chainwheel, spoke protector, rear hub, gear mechanism: MK1 chopper handle bar stem (no groove in it): axle nu/adjuster
BSA 20 (like a shopper)
Part Headset:MK1 pedals: MK1 chopper stand and housing: MK2 grips: 28 spoke front dyno-hyb
Triumph "Tourist"
MK1 brake levers: headset: Axle nut/adjuster
Raleigh "Shopper"
MK1 stand and housing: MK1 pedals: R nuts( front, rear hubs, seat post AND Cotter pin ooooooohhhh!): chainwheel/pedal arm: Headbadge: axle nut/adjuster: 28 spoke front hub

Many thanks to Paul Costin for scavenging his local tip and sharing the above info with us.

1960`s rsw16
oth wheel rims are mk1 chopper front....count the spokes...they came with 36 or 20 something...only the 36 will do, mk1pedals, handgrips, fork cups.

Raleigh Commando...(kids 20 incher from early80`s)
Front mudguard! chrome mudguards came on some models.

All brakes, levers n callipers. early mk1 grifter...brake pedals. Front mudguard on mk1 grifter was same as chopper but painted...ideal for chroming cos nos are plentyfull ( unlike chrome chopper ones)
mk1 grifter rear wheel complete.later grifters had knurled sides to wheels....

Raleigh Bomber
ront mudguard same as chopper sprint...but 2 rivets in bomber.