Lol matchmaking random

GamingSF Online gaming blog. I think that data may exist but we'd have to keep it pretty opaque so as not to make it self-fulfilling "play Brand and you're more likely to climb! Where does the average no ranked game ever player end up? Originally posted by CaseFace8 View Post. Saw that ask riot before, it is along the lines of what I want. I call bull on matchmaking fairness.

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I could have lost all the games and got B5.

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Mercy mains never 4get. I like that they are talking about this, but they avoided the only part that really matters. But pretty sure mmr doesnt get hit hard. Lol this is not an urban myth. I really appreciate the work to matchmaking. My mmr wasn't even higher either because I started a new account in preseason.

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lol matchmaking random
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lol matchmaking random
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