Raleigh Chopper
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These pictures and instructions are based on a UK MK2 Chopper
This is what it looks like to start with.
If your Chopper is in reasonable condition you should be able to remove the seat assembly and sissy bars together.
Start by loosening the seat pillar clamp.
Slide the seat pillar and sissy bars out of the frame.
Seat rear bolt If the seat pillar or sissy bars are rusted in and won't move you will need to remove the seat following these steps.
A shaft goes through the back of the seat and is bolted to lugs on the sissy bars.
Seat front rivet The front is rivetted to the top of the seat tube.
Seat rear domed nut Remove the DOMED NUT on one side.
Save it!! Give it a good clean with wire wool and metal polish.
Tapping shaft through The shaft may be rusted onto the metal seat backplate. Give it a good squirt with WD40 and TAP it to loosen it. Don't bash it! -this will damage the thread. If it is badly rusted find another nut to fit and bash that. You should then be able to pull the shaft through from the other side.
Seat backplate This is the seat backplate. The bottom is curved round to make an open tube to hold the shaft. If the shaft is difficult to move squirt WD40 along the gap. As a last resort the plate may have to be prised open.
Seat tube in frame Release the clamp holding the seat tube in place. The seat tube should slide out of the frame and the rear of the seat prised away from the sissy bar lugs.
Seat Assembly parts removed These are the parts you have removed. GET CLEANING. Click the image for a closer look
When the seat is cleaned up and reassembled mount it on the sissy bars and slot the complete assembly into the frame. This is a lot easier than trying to squeeze the seat between the sissy bars once they are on the frame.