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With one hand on the small of your back and and the other clasped around your left hand, he moved the two of you rhythmically to to the soft sound of Earth Wind and Fire, one of his favorite bands. You moved your head back and looked at him or tried to. Your whole body started shaking and your eyes screwed shut and wave after wave of pleasure overtook you like a tsunami. You obeyed his request and stayed in place. Shocked builders find hand grenades in house just 15 miles from block of flats where blast left five men He dropped down once again and started placing kisses all over your neck and face.

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You turned the knob and were met with the smells of vanilla, cinnamon and rose. This time it felt more passionate, there was a neediness behind it. As soon as you opened the door you were hit with a sea of love from your overly excited dog who obviously missed you. You were so frustrated as you sat behind the wheel of your car, red brake lights illuminating your face. Most recent Most popular Most recent.

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